(14) Black


With the prompt being the color black, my mind started to think of things that were related to the color, such as gloomy things, black cats, the night, etc. However, like usual, I didn’t want to do what I immediately thought of. So with some time spent browsing on the interweb I realized instead of using black as the subject matter, I can try using black as part of the technique.

In the end, I decided to use black as the negative space, complementing a white line drawing. Though for the illustration to be a bit more dynamic the line drawing definitely needed to have a more complex image that required heavy details in the line art.

In the end, it was a fun image, and it’s quite different for me in the sense that when I make a line drawing it’s usually inverted with the black line art and the white background, but this time around the black really needs to be prominent, and this was a solution.

Also, this was a new experience for me in the sense that when I usually drawing characters like this in casual wear they usually stay in their original pencil drawn form, so it was something else to see it taken into illustrator and have the drawing cleaned up. It’s definitely something I want to explore more in the future.

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(12) Brown


When I first saw the word brown I immediately thought of chocolate, however, I did several illustrations with chocolates already so I thought it would be best to switch it up a bit. Then after browsing through Pinterest, I saw this cool image of a display of brown books like at those stationary stores and I knew I was set.

This prompt was really fun to do in the sense that I love stationery and stationary stores. I could spend hours in there just looking at the different notebooks. Though when I did buy a couple of notebooks I could never bring myself to write in them because I didn’t want to ruin the designs I liked so much. Which in the end defeated the purpose of getting those notebooks in the first place.

But back to the illustration, instead of those fancy designs, I would usually see in the stores I decided to make the notebooks have a more minimalist look to them like those notebooks you would see at MUJI. Their notebooks are stripped down to the essentials to give off this clean and simple look, which in a way makes them really appealing. A mature vibe if you will. And I wanted to mimic that look for this illustration.

Also to give the visuals another level I added some texture so you can really feel the notebooks with your eyes. Because another great thing about notebooks is not just their aesthetics but when you actually get hold one and flip through it. A good notebook will have a sturdy cover as well as quality parchment. Also, if I’m going to make an illustration about notebooks you can bet that the notebooks themselves are of the high-quality variety.

This is really making me want to explore some local stationary stores, but with my budget I know I should hold back.

That’s all for now!

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(10) Moonlight on Snow

moonlight on the snowFINAL.png

I’ve become addicted to painting my illustrations this way.
This style somehow creates the atmosphere I’m looking for.

I don’t know if you have ever taken the time to look at it, but seeing moonlight on the snow gives a homely kind of feeling. Something warm despite it being below zero degrees Celsius outside.

Though I’m not entirely a fan of snow, I do appreciate the beauty it provides. A lightly snowy evening authors a more serene and romantic setting, than an evening during the summer days.

Well, that’s all for now.

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Hoooo….This will be an interesting one.

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(9) Fragment of a Dream

fragment of a dream .png

The concept of dreaming has always been fascinating to me, especially since my dreams are always so vivid and catches me off guard the next morning. I used to think dreams were small predictions of the future, but as I’ve gotten older and gave dreams more of a passing thought, I think dreams reflect more of your current mental and physical state.

Also, just to put it out there I’m not sourcing anything, this is purely just an opinion and me just entertaining reoccurring thoughts of mine.
I have no knowledge in terms of how our minds work nor do I know the science behind it.

Back to my original point, I remember reading somewhere that even though you dream yourself going through an experience, you don’t actually FEEL it unless you know what the pain feels like in your real life. Which is crazy, because it’s so true! I remember being in a fist fight in one of my dreams but I never felt the pain because I had never been in an actual fight before, so in the end, my brain couldn’t even find a reference to recreate the pain.

Another thing about dreams that always catches me off guard is how wild your brain will go with your subconscious thoughts, and to the extents, it will go to exaggerate them. I remember briefly looking at a post on twitter and though it felt like nothing at the time, apparently it bothered me a whole lot more than I realized.

At times it’s also like a slap in the face. Mainly for those thoughts, you purposely try to push back in your waking life. Your brain will bring them right back to the surface in your dreams. It’s a stressful experience, but I feel I always have something to learn from it.

In terms of the illustration, when creating it I was thinking along the terms of despite some of our dreams being elaborate and vivid we only remember small chunks of it, a fragment of the entire picture if you will. And despite the experience being a small portion of the entire dream, they hold some significance because each bit reflects something in our waking life that has scared our subconscious.

As fascinating and exciting dreams are, they also terrify me. The subconscious sure is a wild place to be.

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(8) Sleepiness


When you’re life is a constant hustle sleepiness catches up on you some point in your day. It always gets me on the commute. Before I would be too nervous to sleep on public transportation, but especially in high school, it became a valuable aspect of my day. When assignments kept me up at night, I knew the 1-hour commute would help me get ready for the day. Though it’s not an ideal way of living, it definitely helped me out!

After having done #AdventureApril I wanted to try out the style I used for that for something that wasn’t fantasy themed, and I have the say, it definitely gives off a different feel.

On a side note, I still can’t get used to making my own gradients. Though the final product is quite lovely, the process was so awkward. It took me a good while to finally figure out what I was doing, and a little longer to achieve the exact look I wanted. I guess I still have a ways to go.

Well, that’s all for now!

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(5) A Sentient or Empathic Weapon

empathetic weapon 1empathetic weapon 2

Not very empathetic are we?

This prompt gives me flashbacks to #AdventureApril with the whole fantasy setting. Though the main difference here I had to find a way to show that the weapon can communicate, and what better way than speech bubbles.

I actually enjoy this comic style, many of my sketchbooks are full of these kinds of doodles. You can figure a lot about a character just based on their physical appearance, but I think their personality really shows when you put them in situations of dialogue. It’s always fun to see how your characters grow and develop when they’re speaking and interacting with others. But then again, that’s just how I like to do things.

But back to the illustration, I have played many games where there has been a sentient or an empathic weapon, but the ones I really enjoy are the ones when your weapon gets a little sassy. It adds an interesting dynamic to the mix and it also lightens up the already serious plot line. So here’s my take on it!

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(4) Yellow


Yellow was this time’s prompt. Nothing else, just the word yellow. Unlike the previous prompts I feel this one has been the most vague yet. Before starting I had no idea how to tackle this one, I was too used to having things being pretty specific so I got a little too comfortable. But just like any old idea I I went straight to the drawing board and got brainstorming. In the end since it was just the color yellow, I decided to create a pattern with all things yellow I could find inside my house. Thinking back at the time it was actually kind of difficult, yellow isn’t my favorite color so yellow objects were actually a rare find, but in the end I was able to get an interesting haul.

For the illustration, instead of my preferred vector style I decided to go for a more sketch-like feel. To me the contrast in line weight and the free form shapes gave the objects a little more personality. Since the prompt was yellow, it made sense to me to make all of the illustrations yellow, but making them all a similar shade made the pattern a little too flat, so I threw in various shades in the mix and it now has a stronger appeal this way.

All in all it was a fun, yet simple prompt. It felt like a nice break to doodle things I wouldn’t normally draw. Thinking back at it now if I had decided to go for a more realistic approach it would have definitely gave the illustration a different feel, perhaps a more mature feel if you will. Maybe next time I’ll give that go, realism is not a style I would automatically turn to, but then again it does have it’s own charm and it could really make the illustration into something else!

Well that’s all I have to say! 

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