How’s it been?

Just recently I have come back from a month-long vacation, in addition to finishing my last semester of my undergrad. Instead of feeling refreshed and ready to work like I expected I was stuck in a stand-still with nowhere to go.

“What am I suppose to do now?”

I have been so focused on getting projects done for school and other extracurricular activities that I had left projects that are significant to me on the back burner.

Then I realized I now have all the time to indulge in content that I care about. It was time to start kicking things into action and starting doing the things I’ve kept saying “another time” to.
So get pumped for an exciting year! There is so much that I want to do!

First off I want to start drawing daily again. I have forgotten how much it is, how therapeutic too! There’s something special seeing the ideas in your appear right before your eyes on paper. Plus with the lack of drawing, I’m afraid I may have gotten a little rusty.

Next, I want to focus on making my illustrations into tangible and sellable things such as prints, clothing, and stationery. I have always wanted to be a vendor at those Art Fairs and now there is nothing to hold me back! I just have to keep working at it and start prototyping. I also want to be a part of those artist allies at those conventions, so I definitely need to get cracking if I want to be a part of one for next year.

Lastly, I want to improve my skills at digital illustration. Honestly, I’m surprised at myself that I have gone with long without learning how to paint digitally. I mean, I follow a lot of artists on social media that do it, and I always love what they put out too! Yet, I have always been intimidated by the skill and never got around to actually learning it. But thankfully I discovered SkillShare, and I already have found a couple of videos and teachers that have given me plenty of advice and tips! (I am not sponsored, by the way, I’m just really excited about learning)
So there’s a lot on my plate now, but I can tell it’s going to be super exciting!

I have also started up a new account marieedraws on Instagram.
Lately, I’ve been really getting into social media branding, and I have realized all the experimental illustration that I make doesn’t really fit into the content that’s already posted. Plus, for some reason, I’m not entirely comfortable posting on that account either, so I decided to make an entirely new account dedicated to illustration while keeping my old one as just a personal account.
So if you get the chance, check out marieedraws on Instagram!

Well, that’s all I have to share right now! I’ll definitely push myself to get this blog busy this year, so look forward to that!

Until next time!