(4) Yellow


Yellow was this time’s prompt. Nothing else, just the word yellow. Unlike the previous prompts I feel this one has been the most vague yet. Before starting I had no idea how to tackle this one, I was too used to having things being pretty specific so I got a little too comfortable. But just like any old idea I I went straight to the drawing board and got brainstorming. In the end since it was just the color yellow, I decided to create a pattern with all things yellow I could find inside my house. Thinking back at the time it was actually kind of difficult, yellow isn’t my favorite color so yellow objects were actually a rare find, but in the end I was able to get an interesting haul.

For the illustration, instead of my preferred vector style I decided to go for a more sketch-like feel. To me the contrast in line weight and the free form shapes gave the objects a little more personality. Since the prompt was yellow, it made sense to me to make all of the illustrations yellow, but making them all a similar shade made the pattern a little too flat, so I threw in various shades in the mix and it now has a stronger appeal this way.

All in all it was a fun, yet simple prompt. It felt like a nice break to doodle things I wouldn’t normally draw. Thinking back at it now if I had decided to go for a more realistic approach it would have definitely gave the illustration a different feel, perhaps a more mature feel if you will. Maybe next time I’ll give that go, realism is not a style I would automatically turn to, but then again it does have it’s own charm and it could really make the illustration into something else!

Well that’s all I have to say! 

Next illustration prompt is…

a sentient or empathic weapon.JPG

Until next time!!

Copy an Artist

*Style does not belong to me.
Style belongs to Juan Carlos of Jotaka Illustration http://www.jotakaillustration.com/
The image referenced below is The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli

E4 Copy a Style.png

Another gem from a year ago in that same illustration class!

This was another exercise we had to do. This time we had to copy the style of another artist and then use that style to recreate a well-known painting.

I had a lot of fun with this assignment, however it was an uphill struggle with this one. First of all, The Birth of Venus is an extremely detailed painting to begin with and capturing all the details took more time than I originally planned for. Second, trying to mimic someone else’s style was difficult as well. I constantly found myself looking back for references making sure the body, the facial features, and the coloring style still followed the illustrator’s style. In the end I got pretty close, but there are still a couple of things I forgot to capture with Juan Carlos’ style.


Juxtaposed Illustration

exercise 6 gentlemen and trees.pngThis was also made a year ago during my illustration class. The exercise was to take two completely different objects and make an illustration out of them.

For some reason I wanted to depict an image of gentlemen gathered together having a good time smoking their pipes. However instead of smoke I decided to go with trees. To be honest I had a difficult time coming up with a concept for this illustration so I went to this website that randomly generated prompts to go off of. Fortunately everything turned out alright in the end.

Zodiac Illustrations

I have had recently done a book redesign of this astrology book. I have always been fascinated with astrology since my elementary days, so being able to redesign this old book was definitely a treat for me!

So here are the illustrations of all the Zodiacs; they are sorted based on sign quality (ex. Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable) as depicted through the colour variation. I originally thought to sort these with their own representative colour but that only proved to be a difficult process to harmonize 12 different colours. In the end I stuck with this colour scheme and things turned out great!

The First Post!

The First Post!

Marie Draws is a blog that will document my growth and exploration as an illustrator and designer. I wanted to showcase my work through a more professional outlet, opposed to spamming my Instagram,  but I also wanted to have that more personal flair than, maintaining your usual portfolio website.

I’ll be posting illustrations (obviously), process work, explorations, events I go to, and anything else I encounter throughout my design career.

So get ready for some exciting things coming your way!