Personal Road Map


Back during my first semester of my last full year of my undergraduate program, I took this one class where one of the projects was basically to define your passion in design and figure out a personal road map to achieve what you want once you graduate and then depict that road map through some creative fashion.

To be honest, I didn’t think much of it at first, but it was much needed. It gave me a chance to reflect exactly what I want to make of this bachelor degree, and figure out the steps to achieve it.

But back to the project, my prof and I talked a lot about illustration so it only made sense to depict my personal road map through a series of illustrations. Each image was pulled from the text I wrote in my reflection and they followed a specific order. However, this display is much different than the original series. The main difference is that before the illustrations were accompanied by a wall of text, there was nothing appealing about that. So I decided to redo the posters so that they had a more motivational poster style to it; mainly because it’s more visually appealing this way, and also being arranged in this manner allowed for each poster to stand on their own.