Through My Eyes Series

By all means I do not consider myself a professional photographer, I just enjoy snapping cool places and then playing around in Photoshop.
But lately I feel like I should do more with my photos, opposed to having them just rest in my computer never to be touched ever again. Also posting them on Facebook didn’t have that extra flair I was looking for.
In the end I thought it would be pretty cool to make myself a book of my photos which led me to thinking,

“How cool would it be if I had my own photo book series of all the places I travelled!

It would be a fun keepsake for me, plus I can exercise those other skills I learned in my design classes apart from illustration.

Judging from the title of this blog post you probably already have an idea as to what I’m going to call this little book series.

Through My Eyes 

For the individual books I’m planning on naming them something like,

Through My Eyes: Seoul
Through MY Eyes: Philippines 

quite exciting isn’t it?!

Though as a major disclaimer this series is in no way a travel guide, or a tourist book (in the sense that it will not highlights cool places for tourists to see and provides detailed information about each location). This series is documenting my own journey I had while traveling through photos that show the unique things I did and saw on my trip. Each book will highlight my personal experience and how I saw the world at that time.

There’s a lot I still need to get done and to consider, but at least I have some photos from my trips done and edited. Actually I’ll give you a peek at some of the photos since you’ve stayed this long through my rambling!


All in all, some fun stuff!

Next on the agenda is working on the book layout and cover.

Until next time!