Commission: Toro

Renae - Toro-01

Hey there! It’s been a while but this holiday season is a pretty busy one. Here is a commission I did for a close friend of mine.

The only conditions, it has to have their dog’s face.

That kind of threw me off for a bit, but she said to go to town with it and she trusted me with the results. Honestly, being told that can definitely make someone nervous, but as I started to get into it, that nervousness started to fade away.

Though it was still pretty nerve-wracking mainly due to that fact I haven’t tried this kind of style before, and due to the fact that it was going to be 24 x 36″. It was a beast of a commission, but totally worth it.

This was also an interesting experience, mainly because I have made vector illustrations before but, never to create anything realistic. There was definitely a lot of time that went into incorporating every shadow and color of Torro’s face, but those details really brought the illustration to life. I feel I went a little overboard with the food, so I had to compensate minimalizing the background and the table. Which in the end tied it up together all nicely.

Though after finishing this piece, I kind of want to try doing some more realistic work and portraits through vectors, I guess in the meantime I’ll save that for a later day.

So, until next time!!