Architecture Patterns

A couple of weeks ago I did a little tour of my city, taking pictures of all the architecture patterns I came across.

This little exercise really goes to show that you can find inspiration from literally anywhere. And it’s amazing what a splash of color can do to a piece.

Also, let me just say this, it’s a good effort for a city that isn’t quite strong in the architecture field. I was really at my wits end with this exercise.

Here some of the photos that inspired these patterns!

Well, that’s all for now!

Until next time!

Gathering Inspiration: Make it! Edmonton

This time around for my Color + Pattern exercise the goal this time was to head to a craft fair or a market and gather inspiration. Luckily for me, Make it! Edmonton was just around this corner!

For those who don’t know, Make it! is a bi-annual craft fair in Canada that occurs in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. It’s where Makies (the term used for the vendors at the exhibition) sell their handmade goods that vary from clothing, food, jewelry, prints, knitwear, and various other finds. It’s a great opportunity to know your local artist/businesses and support them!

I’ve been there a couple of times already and I always end up having a great time! But this time around I was on a mission, though I do have to say my wallet didn’t quite appreciate it.


There were a lot of places that caught my eye so my haul was quite impressive this time around. I would have to say my favorite find was definitely the tea towels. I loved the design of them, especially the coloring technique they used for the breakfast tea towel. It’s obviously an illustration but they still found a way to make the food look delicious. I’m quite envious of their skills if I’m going to be honest here. Though in addition to the coloring, the subject matter was too cute to pass up on, however I strongly doubt I’ll ever use them for their intended purpose. I can’t bring myself to to stain such a cute image!

I also came across several prints from Jen Gregoire Photography, Mel Hohn, and IM Paper I simply adored; they gave my great inspiration for typography treatments, cityscapes, and illustration techniques. Hopefully I’ll be able to use them for an upcoming project. But in the meantime they’ll definitely decorate my room quite nicely.

Apart from gathering inspiration I did go to check out how vendors ran their stalls, because it is a goal of mine to sell my own illustrative work. I noticed they put a lot of consideration into their displays and packaging. They all really put a lot of effort to make you feel their brand throughout your entire experience with them. From the moment you entered and he moment you left, each and every stall felt unique. I also took notice of aspects such the technology they used, like using their phones as a debt and credit machine. Like where does one even get that? There’s a whole lot to consider apart from your product if you want your stall to be successful. I guess there’s still quite a bit for me to work on. I better get started!

Before I head out I would recommend everyone to head to Make it! If you’re in the area when it comes around. There’s so much to see, plus you’ll be supporting local businesses and artists while finding something nice for yourself. There is also the Indie Handmade, the Butterdome Craft Sale, and the Royal Bisan coming up so there are still plenty of chances to check out your local business this year!

(Please note that these are all places in Edmonton, though I would still recommend checking up on craft fairs like these that are local to you! I actually found a majority of these just through Google!)

Until next time!



I don’t remember if I have mentioned this before but every now and then I am following along to these exercises in this book Color + Pattern by Khristin A. Howell. It’s a really fun book especially for those really into pattern design.

For this current exercise I was doing I had to gather 10 different types of foliage and make a pattern out of them. It was pretty straightforward at first but during the design process, boy did I struggle. After the fourth pattern, it started to get a bit more difficult coming up with ways to design the leaves differently from the previous pattern.

As you can probably tell the formatting for a couple of them seems similar so that’s something I really need to work on, but at least the style of how each foliage is done has its own flavor. All in all, it was a fun exercise and it would be interesting to see what would have happened if it was a different subject matter.

Until next time!