(16.4) Courage: Looking Stupid


It’s amazing how many people will not raise their hands or asks the questions they need to know because they fear to look like an idiot, and by all means I’m the exact way. No one wants to be that person. No one wants to be label as the local idiot, it degrading and humiliating, especially if people make a fuss about it. It just shuts you off completely from ever wanting to know more about anything.

But if we do that we’re just falling deeper into that rabbit hole. And it just becomes this cycle of not wanting to look dumb, so we don’t ask the necessary questions, then we remain ignorant.

All in all, it’s bad news bears. A messed up situation.

Then there are times when we finally get the courage to ask, and we are completely ridiculed like that’s totally unnecessary, why can’t people accept the notion that we all know different things and don’t have access to the same line of information. Why can’t it be common to just help and answer the question? Because there really isn’t any need to make a scene.

The more I think about it, the more frustrated I get, no one should be afraid to pursue a greater understanding of the concepts and world around you, you should be free to ask! Yet those jerks ruin the fun in learning.

But at the end of the day, don’t be afraid to be that idiot, who cares what other’s will think because your pursuit for knowledge should be the top priority, and ultimately it’s you who is growing, who’s learning. So nurture yourself, and raise that hand!


Apparently, I’m a lot more passionate about this topic than I was expecting.

Anywho, until next time! See you tomorrow!

(16.3) Courage: Loving Yourself

COURAGE COMIC 3.1COURAGE COMIC 3.2This one really hit close to home.

There is courage in loving yourself. Being able to look at what people and the media are throwing at you and saying, “Screw it! I’m perfect the way I am!”

Being able to say that and genuinely mean it, is such a strong thing to experience. And for me personally, it took me a while to finally be comfortable in my own body. Though I have my off days, overall I see beauty when I thought I could never find any.

Honestly, it’s a long process, especially if you haven’t always had the best opinion of yourself, but like I mentioned before it will take repetition and a solid effort to building good habits. Like really taking the time to look into yourself and see all the positive aspects, and genuinely acknowledging them. You have to constantly remind yourself of those good qualities because the more you tell yourself how amazing you are the more you can actually start feeling it.

It also helps to counter a negative emotion or thought with a positive one immediately, don’t give yourself the chance to doubt yourself, because, in reality, it’s nothing like that, you’re just refusing to give yourself the credit even though you obviously deserve it.

I’m speaking a lot from my own personal experiences, so a lot of this has helped me overcome my fears of being able to love myself. Which wording it out like this now looks really dumb and totally obvious, like, why wouldn’t you love yourself? But for people in a similar situation, it really can be a scary thing. Articulating it out into words is a little difficult, but it’s definitely not one of those uncommon feelings.

So for the meantime, what I’m trying to say for now is be easy on yourself, and let yourself believe that you really are incredible, because 100% of the time, you actually are! And don’t be afraid to love yourself, because once you do, that when you can really let your true colours shine through.

That’s all for today! See you tomorrow!

(16.2) Courage: Best Foot Forward


Social Courage

If I’m being honest, this terrifies me more than physical courage at times. It can spike up that anxiety fast, but on the brighter side, I’m definitely a lot better at this kind of stuff compared to a couple of years ago.

For some people they’re a natural when it comes to social situations, some people even get charged in social situations. However for me, it takes a lot for me to open up, and I’m naturally a shy person who likes to keep to myself. So things like parties, social events, and networking are definitely an uphill struggle.

I worry whether I’m interesting to talk to, if I can keep up with a conversation, what if I offend someone, what I totally screw up an interaction that will ruin any chances of my career flourishing? Yeah, it gets extreme fast, but the fear is there and it’s real. So you can imagine the struggle of just getting myself to the event, let alone work up the courage to actually talk to someone.

But every time I go I experience the same kind of pattern.

There’s an event, I think I should go, I kind of don’t want to go, I force myself to go anyway, I feel extremely awkward, I talk to someone, I have a decent time, I actually enjoy myself a little bit, I go home.

Though it still makes me nervous to engage in social events, I know at least if I go it won’t be the end of the world. Plus I know I have enough tack not to accidentally offend somebody.

But those who also share a similar struggle, kudos to you for making the effort, it takes a lot of courage to even just walk to the dang place, and bonus if you go alone! It’s not easy, but things will get better with repetition! You got this!

That’s all for today, see you tomorrow!

(16.1) Courage: The View Up There


Get ready for a week of courage!

Courage is the ability to do something despite it frightening you, and if you look at it there are so many types of courage people face every day from physical courage, social courage, the courage to be your authentic self, intellectual courage, and so much more. So to really scope out all that courage has to offer I decided to make a comic for every day this week.

Yes, this took an insane amount of time.

But it was worth it, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So for the meantime enjoy them, and I hope they inspire you or at least hit you right in the feel good!

Physical courage is a more obvious one. It deals with physical things you’re scared of. A couple of things that terrify me are insects, the ocean, and a major one is heights.

This comic was inspired from the time I vacationed in the Philippines. After this long winding hike, there was this observation deck with the steepest ladder. Nothing about that ladder screamed safety to me. But I knew up there was a sight I would probably never get the chance to experience again, so I pushed through.

I was terrified, my heart was beating, and I had a death grip on those railings. At one point my legs refused to go up any further. Like I knew I was afraid of heights before this, but at that moment it reinforced how scared of heights I actually was.

But if I didn’t reach the top I knew I would regret it, and I’m so glad I overcame that fear because that reward was far greater than any fear I had. The view was truly beautiful.

Well, that’s all for today, see you tomorrow!


(17) Indifference


Indifference is the lack of interest, concern, or sympathy.

It’s something we all experience at different points in our lives.

We all face through our own struggles and sometimes we have too much on our own plate that everything else gets placed on the back burner, and in the worst-case scenario, eventually, we no longer care and give up.

Honestly, to be indifferent is a terrifying feeling. To completely lose interest in the things that were once important to us is awful. I want to be excited about life. I want to be able to look forward to my future. I want to see myself succeed and be happy. To completely lose motivation for all of these things is terrifying. And it’s amazing how quickly that nonchalant feeling can creep up on you.

If you’re expecting any of kind of advice to handle indifference, I don’t have any, I’m no expert. It affects everyone differently. But if I did have to say something for myself, I would say is try to find something so great that it will cancel out any kind of negative emotion. My desire to see myself succeed and be happy overpowers any kind of roadblock I face. Believe me, that is definitely easier said than done, but it’s what keeps me going and pushes me back on track. But it’ll be different for everyone, so all I can say is do your best to focus on what want in life. As long as the end goal is solid, you can take any method to get there.

For this illustration, while brainstorming I quickly found out that indifference opens a lot of doors in terms of interpretation. But I believe one way to view indifference is that it’s the act of turning your back to anything that could possibly better your quality of life, and choose to completely emerge yourself in the obscurity and negativity that plagues your mind.

The post played quite the low tune, but then again every high we experience in life we’re bound to come across a low one every now than then, and that’s perfectly fine!

Well, that’s all for now!

Until next time!

(14) Black


With the prompt being the color black, my mind started to think of things that were related to the color, such as gloomy things, black cats, the night, etc. However, like usual, I didn’t want to do what I immediately thought of. So with some time spent browsing on the interweb I realized instead of using black as the subject matter, I can try using black as part of the technique.

In the end, I decided to use black as the negative space, complementing a white line drawing. Though for the illustration to be a bit more dynamic the line drawing definitely needed to have a more complex image that required heavy details in the line art.

In the end, it was a fun image, and it’s quite different for me in the sense that when I make a line drawing it’s usually inverted with the black line art and the white background, but this time around the black really needs to be prominent, and this was a solution.

Also, this was a new experience for me in the sense that when I usually drawing characters like this in casual wear they usually stay in their original pencil drawn form, so it was something else to see it taken into illustrator and have the drawing cleaned up. It’s definitely something I want to explore more in the future.

Until next time!


The next prompt is:

dog days.JPG

(13) Purple


Purple can be a lot of things.

This time around, I thought I would combine it with a flower theme. I have always been interested in flowers and their meanings.

According to https://www.interflora.com.au/blog/post/flowers-colours-orchids

Purple orchids are ideal to use to show someone you respect and admire them.

I have always wanted to be fluent in the language of flowers, it’s amazing each flower and their colors all have their own meanings. How crazy would it be to form an entire sentence through just a bouquet, how I envy the professionals.


The next prompt!


Until next time!