(16.6) Courage: Face With Failure


Those familiar with grinding and hustling will understand that you will face a lot of failures to achieve success. There’s nothing wrong with that, that is literally what the process is. But sometimes during that grind, you’ll hit wall after wall, and when you look back you can’t help but notice all those failures.

It’s overwhelming. The sight of all those failures can cloud your better judgment and push you into a downward spiral of self-doubt. And those moments where all those failures are laid out in front of you can be soul crushing. It can make you lose all motivation. Suddenly you no longer feel as if you’re invincible. You’re not as great as you once thought you were.

How can you even dare stand up at that point?

But sometimes that’s all you have to do. Stand up again.

Remember your self-worth and all your qualities that make up the wonderful individual that you are. So get back up and show the world what you’re made of because, with every failure you face, you’re also growing into a better version of yourself.

Keep at it! Don’t even think of giving up!

This has definitely been something I have learned over time. I can be impatient, and I want to see myself succeed. So when things aren’t going my way as fast as I would like it to, of course, there will be doubts. But if I give up now, then those dreams are as good as gone, so I knew giving up wasn’t an option. And with every wall, I faced I learned something more about myself and grew into a better version of myself.

As much as failure sucks, it’s definitely necessary.

And it’s not too bad, especially if you know how to get back up again.

That’s all for now! See you tomorrow for the last installment!

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