(16.3) Courage: Loving Yourself

COURAGE COMIC 3.1COURAGE COMIC 3.2This one really hit close to home.

There is courage in loving yourself. Being able to look at what people and the media are throwing at you and saying, “Screw it! I’m perfect the way I am!”

Being able to say that and genuinely mean it, is such a strong thing to experience. And for me personally, it took me a while to finally be comfortable in my own body. Though I have my off days, overall I see beauty when I thought I could never find any.

Honestly, it’s a long process, especially if you haven’t always had the best opinion of yourself, but like I mentioned before it will take repetition and a solid effort to building good habits. Like really taking the time to look into yourself and see all the positive aspects, and genuinely acknowledging them. You have to constantly remind yourself of those good qualities because the more you tell yourself how amazing you are the more you can actually start feeling it.

It also helps to counter a negative emotion or thought with a positive one immediately, don’t give yourself the chance to doubt yourself, because, in reality, it’s nothing like that, you’re just refusing to give yourself the credit even though you obviously deserve it.

I’m speaking a lot from my own personal experiences, so a lot of this has helped me overcome my fears of being able to love myself. Which wording it out like this now looks really dumb and totally obvious, like, why wouldn’t you love yourself? But for people in a similar situation, it really can be a scary thing. Articulating it out into words is a little difficult, but it’s definitely not one of those uncommon feelings.

So for the meantime, what I’m trying to say for now is be easy on yourself, and let yourself believe that you really are incredible, because 100% of the time, you actually are! And don’t be afraid to love yourself, because once you do, that when you can really let your true colours shine through.

That’s all for today! See you tomorrow!

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