(14) Black


With the prompt being the color black, my mind started to think of things that were related to the color, such as gloomy things, black cats, the night, etc. However, like usual, I didn’t want to do what I immediately thought of. So with some time spent browsing on the interweb I realized instead of using black as the subject matter, I can try using black as part of the technique.

In the end, I decided to use black as the negative space, complementing a white line drawing. Though for the illustration to be a bit more dynamic the line drawing definitely needed to have a more complex image that required heavy details in the line art.

In the end, it was a fun image, and it’s quite different for me in the sense that when I make a line drawing it’s usually inverted with the black line art and the white background, but this time around the black really needs to be prominent, and this was a solution.

Also, this was a new experience for me in the sense that when I usually drawing characters like this in casual wear they usually stay in their original pencil drawn form, so it was something else to see it taken into illustrator and have the drawing cleaned up. It’s definitely something I want to explore more in the future.

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(13) Purple


Purple can be a lot of things.

This time around, I thought I would combine it with a flower theme. I have always been interested in flowers and their meanings.

According to https://www.interflora.com.au/blog/post/flowers-colours-orchids

Purple orchids are ideal to use to show someone you respect and admire them.

I have always wanted to be fluent in the language of flowers, it’s amazing each flower and their colors all have their own meanings. How crazy would it be to form an entire sentence through just a bouquet, how I envy the professionals.


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