(11) A Muscled Body

a muscled body.png

This one was a fun one. I don’t get to draw intensely muscled bodies too often.

And if I get to draw a muscled body, I might as well go all out!

But bringing things to a more relative standpoint. It’s summer right now, which means a majority of people are all about that summer body. Working hard during the down seasons to finally be able to flaunt your body when it’s bright and sunny. And by all means, go for it! You worked hard for it, you should be able to show off what you got! Of course, only if you want to that is.

Me, on the other hand. I have never been the type to strive for a “summer body”, even if I was I should focus on making sure my own body stays healthy before anything else, and that has been quite the long journey itself. I don’t have the drive or focus to aim for that chiseled body, so I’m quite envious of those who do. Also, those “everyday at gym” kind of routine tires me out quickly, nor does it excite me to exercise. Instead, I prefer going swimming and doing yoga. I even tried out kick-boxing for the first time, and I recently signed up for pole dancing, which I quickly realized that I have no upper body strength for. All in all, I try to find my own ways to stay active. Though I do have to say, my main problem is consistency, but that’s my own problem to worry about.

Though a majority of people aim for this Greek god/goddess type of body, (which by all means is still a fine goal) we can’t forget to exercise for our own physical and mental sake. Our bodies are precious so we should make sure to do our part and treat them right.

Also this entire blog post I have been referring to the “summer body” as that chiseled and muscled physique, but honestly let that summer body be whatever you want it to be. We all come in different shapes and sizes, so we should all be confidently rocking that body of ours because every fat, muscle, hair, stretch mark, and much more, are truly beautiful.

That’s all for now,

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