(9) Fragment of a Dream

fragment of a dream .png

The concept of dreaming has always been fascinating to me, especially since my dreams are always so vivid and catches me off guard the next morning. I used to think dreams were small predictions of the future, but as I’ve gotten older and gave dreams more of a passing thought, I think dreams reflect more of your current mental and physical state.

Also, just to put it out there I’m not sourcing anything, this is purely just an opinion and me just entertaining reoccurring thoughts of mine.
I have no knowledge in terms of how our minds work nor do I know the science behind it.

Back to my original point, I remember reading somewhere that even though you dream yourself going through an experience, you don’t actually FEEL it unless you know what the pain feels like in your real life. Which is crazy, because it’s so true! I remember being in a fist fight in one of my dreams but I never felt the pain because I had never been in an actual fight before, so in the end, my brain couldn’t even find a reference to recreate the pain.

Another thing about dreams that always catches me off guard is how wild your brain will go with your subconscious thoughts, and to the extents, it will go to exaggerate them. I remember briefly looking at a post on twitter and though it felt like nothing at the time, apparently it bothered me a whole lot more than I realized.

At times it’s also like a slap in the face. Mainly for those thoughts, you purposely try to push back in your waking life. Your brain will bring them right back to the surface in your dreams. It’s a stressful experience, but I feel I always have something to learn from it.

In terms of the illustration, when creating it I was thinking along the terms of despite some of our dreams being elaborate and vivid we only remember small chunks of it, a fragment of the entire picture if you will. And despite the experience being a small portion of the entire dream, they hold some significance because each bit reflects something in our waking life that has scared our subconscious.

As fascinating and exciting dreams are, they also terrify me. The subconscious sure is a wild place to be.

The next prompt!

moonlight on snow.JPG

Until text time!


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