(5) A Sentient or Empathic Weapon

empathetic weapon 1empathetic weapon 2

Not very empathetic are we?

This prompt gives me flashbacks to #AdventureApril with the whole fantasy setting. Though the main difference here I had to find a way to show that the weapon can communicate, and what better way than speech bubbles.

I actually enjoy this comic style, many of my sketchbooks are full of these kinds of doodles. You can figure a lot about a character just based on their physical appearance, but I think their personality really shows when you put them in situations of dialogue. It’s always fun to see how your characters grow and develop when they’re speaking and interacting with others. But then again, that’s just how I like to do things.

But back to the illustration, I have played many games where there has been a sentient or an empathic weapon, but the ones I really enjoy are the ones when your weapon gets a little sassy. It adds an interesting dynamic to the mix and it also lightens up the already serious plot line. So here’s my take on it!

The next prompt is…


Until next time!

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