(3) A Roaring Fireplace

roaring fireplace

A fireplace. Almost every house has one, but how often do you even use yours? In my case I rarely use mine. I don’t have the traditional fireplace where you have to throw logs in. It’s one of those fancier one’s where you can flick a switch and the fire just appears. Even though its been made to be a lot more convenient for us, I still seldom use it.

So I don’t have much experience cozying up to an actual roaring fireplace, yet almost everyone knows the feeling. The one where you huddle up next to a buddy/significant other, sipping on a hot beverage and absorbing in all the good vibes. A wonderful feeling.

For this prompt I channeled those vibes to create this illustration. Before I was planning on doing a Christmas themed illustration, but that felt a little cliche, plus I want these illustrations to be a little more timeless. In the end I went for a more modern kind of setting (thank you, Pinterest for all the references!).

I also wanted to try something a little different, which is also something I want to get better at doing. Which is scanning your usual pencil sketch, and cleaning it up in photoshop. I don’t do it often, mainly because I only recently figured out one way to actually do it, but I feel it’s definitely an important skill to have especially if you want to turn your traditional art into prints you want to sell. So testing that method here is a good start.

The original pencil sketch wasn’t this black and white. Before it was a lot of white space with your additional splash of color, courtesy of the copic markers. But when I was editing it through Photoshop I realized that it was just lacking in terms of visual appeal. So, I decided to crank up the volume and push those values, and thank god I did. The image feels more complete like this, plus it really allows those cooling and calming colors to shine through and do their thing.

Was this what I originally thought of when I first pictured a roaring fireplace?


But it definitely sends off those chills vibes and cozy atmosphere.  

Now I’m craving some hot cocoa.

Next prompt!!


Until next time!!

PS. Can you see the cat?


Back in April, I took part in this fun prompt challenge called #adventureapril. It was mainly like a fantasy-adventure kind of challenge where you created all sorts of characters from heroes to barmaids to wizards. It was definitely a lot of fun, and more importantly, it definitely helped me get the more acquainted painting in photoshop. You can definitely tell I fell into a style at one point.

But as taxing as it got a one point I definitely would do something like this again. It really pushed your creative walls and also helped me get faster at using certain tools.

A great experience in all aspects I would say!

Well, that’s all for now.

Until next time!