Day-Ri Tales: A Slice of Life Webcomic

I can’t remember if I have mentioned it before but I have always wanted to do my own web comic series, and after finally getting down to focus on actually working on it, here it is! The very first episode!

Day-Ri Tales: I Don’t Like Bugs

Artboard 1.png

You can also access it here:

It’s honestly so exciting! I have a bunch of ideas for this fun little web series which I’m planning on updating every Wednesday on my Tapas account and on the marieedraws instagram account. So if you want to be keep up with the updates I highly recommended following and subscribing to those accounts!

I’m new to this so there’s still a lot to learn about making web comics. I’m actually planning on making a more serious series later on, but there are still plenty of things I need to finalize first before that can happen.

So stay tuned for some more fun stuff!

Until next time!

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