As an attempt to get things rolling I worked on a mini project which I have named, #2weeksofscarves, and this was just a way to get me use to posting more of my work online on a regular basis. And after going through it, there was definitely a lot of work and planning that had to go into this. I don’t know whether if I’m doing this correctly or if this is exactly how you do it, but all in all it was a definite learning experience, and a lot of fun too!

Moving on to the 14 images, as you can tell they all share a similar concept. The scarves. But also, they are also digitally painted and edited. It was my first time doing it and I learned it by using a skillshare video. I do have to say that I’m quite proud of them. Are they my best work? Far from it. But with just beginning to learn how to draw digitally, I can say that I’m quite proud of it!

It’s definitely a learning curve and a skill that I need to keep practicing. So look forward to that!

Until next time!

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